I have been a member of a number of gyms over the years, and if I had to rate them I would put All 4 Fitness at the top of the list. The main reason for this is the trainer’s focus on form and technique. This doesn’t just apply during a PT session, even if you’re working out alone they critique your form to prevent injuries and ensure that you receive the maximum benefits from a workout. Another major benefit of All 4 Fitness is that it isn’t one of those overcrowded gyms where you sit around for 15 minutes waiting for a machine to become available whilst someone takes gym selfies. If you want a gym that encourages good training habits facilitates achieving your goals, this is the one for you.

Steven Badrock

The atmosphere at All4Fitness is completely different to any other gym I've been to. I've been coming for over a year and I love the vibe of the place. I've recently started the group class which are of a high quality and tailored to suit everyone's skill level. The place is filled with sensational trainers and I'm unable to put into words how grateful I am for both the never-ending support and for the skills each trainer has taught me. The trainers genuinely want to see their clients succeed and achieve their personal goals - whatever that may be. It's exciting to see the changes my body has had over the year, and to be constantly educated in the art of powerlifting, mobility, nutrition and flexibility. Training at All4Fitness isn't a chore for me - it feels like a weekly trip to my second family.

Amita Larioya

I've been training at All4Fitness for over a year now and have enjoyed every minute! The team have an infectious passion for all things health and fitness and are always willing to give advice and extra motivation to anyone that needs it. I've recently started the group classes and am loving the variety and extra challenge they provide.  There is a great team vibe in the classes with everyone pushing each other on and able to share in the sense of accomplishment at the end.  The team are always friendly and have gone above and beyond to push me that little bit harder and help me reach my goals! Thanks guys!

Alex Sagar

Group Fitness I have never experienced a group fitness with such a focus on technique before. The team at A4F focus on technique while pushing you to your limits individually and as a group. The trainers all take the time to learn your name creating a personal environment making an intimate class rather then just another body in a room. . The classes are high intensity, fun and very rewarding. Personal Training I love coming to the gym and look forward to my PT sessions every week! My fitness levels have doubled, my strength has doubled, and my attitude to life has doubled! I cant thank Boyd enough with his patients at the beginning, I have never been pushed so hard in a PT session before and I absolutely love it, I have never enjoyed weights before and now I love it, have not been able to see the results/ body definition before and now I can and I love it!! Boyd your patients, your knowledge, your technique knowledge, your laughs and the high fives make a great PT session - thanks!

Rebecca Richardson



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